Vickie Tilley-Moore, President, DEC
The energy market is changing so quickly, it's often frustrating and time-consuming trying to keep up. Your business has much to gain from the changing environment, but you won't know when or how to take advantage of the market unless you're prepared for what's coming.  That's why we developed Market Update, a news source designed to keep you up to speed on happenings in the utility industry. What sets our service apart from others is its state- and industry-specific focus. We interview you first to find out what information is most important to your business and your locations. Then we search out the news and headlines you need to be aware of, and we explain how they affect you and your company.  This service is consistent with DEC's focus: We want to be the customer advocate, helping your business progress by monitoring the electricity market constantly to find information that you require. We are interested in knowing the results you expect on the front end, and we'll work with you to ensure you receive a product that adds value to your business.

State Activity   Technology   Power Options

The electricity market in half of all states is either open to retail competition or in the midst of restructuring. What are groups doing to influence policy-making?

  Fuel cells, electronic metering, web-based buying, conservation techniques - technology is changing the face of the utility industry and it means more choices and more benefits for consumers.  

The new generation of power companies is offering more than just electricity.  How are consumers taking advantage of market opportunities and getting the best deals?

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